Online Short Story: Luminescence

I’ve been toiling with my manuscript for years (The Potential) and the idea to create a short story prequel to this came about as a way to introduce readers to the Aurelia world and its characters. It’s a world of power, heroes and villains, good versus evil and one girl trying to exist apart from this as she gets dragged in against her will.

I wanted to introduce Aelius, my main character without essentially making her central. Luminescence is a way of exploring this world that delves into our world and connects the two places across time and imagination.

I am posting it originally under my Ava Redman pseudonym in post-sized segments. My intention for the future of this work, or at least my ambition would be to re-mediate it to a more interactive narrative with drawings and sound effects. For now-it is still words coming together and your work in reading is still required.

Fullscreen capture 24042017 22940 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 24042017 22950 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 24042017 22957 PM.bmp

To follow the story click here



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