What Interactive Storytelling Teaches Us


By now we’ve all been exposed in some way to re-mediated forms of writing. If you’re not sure what that is-well it’s writing that’s been used in a new model of medium. For example emailing is a re-mediated form of writing derived from letter writing. It’s basically saying new is better.

I’m heavily nostalgic when it comes to print media so I’m naturally hesitant to accept new mediums, especially those online. I know I was the last one to be on Twitter, knowing my mum has more followers than me is a harsh pill to swallow (though I can argue that my interaction is often limited).

The point is, through these mediums, through the World Wide Web we are able to re-mediate our mode of storytelling and immerse readers on another level.

The Boat, originally a short story by Nam Lee was created into a website story that utilizes sound and movement to enact drama. It limits its words and builds on the tactile experience by having the reader scroll at their own pace and choose to veer into other segments in the story.

I’ve read the print media version, and the 13,000 words are represented online barley a 1,000 words and yet I would argue its more poignant and resonant in my mind. the-boat_704.jpg

I include this website as an example of how authors of tomorrow should be embracing the internet and what it has to offer. This form of interactive storytelling leads the way for stories in the future and potential audiences still vastly untouched.


I’m working on a short story project that I’m looking to re-mediate for the purpose of online access. My first release will be on 20th April, purely in written form but as the story progresses I hope to transform it into something with a greater immersion level for audiences online, accepting that there’s a different way that we consume information online compared to print media.


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