To submit or not to submit

Deadline 5th May

So submitting my manuscript would mean taking the advice I received from that agent who rejected me (so hard feelings) and applying it. Naturally! She was kind enough to give me her free advice and being in the field I would be a fool not to take it.

It means cutting down a manuscript from 110,000 words to 100,000 words even though I already cut it down from 120,000 before that. It would also mean I’d have to look over some of the descriptive passages and make sure they truly slow and don;t slow down the story too much.


And with everything going on already, there’s uni, including the assessments that are now all due at the same time (funny how that happens) and there’s Maximus who is adorable and demanding and then there’s the short story I committed to which is simply an origin story of the manuscript I;m currently working on. I only demand perfection and given all this do I want to re-write and add the extra workload to enter a competition that might not affect me anyway? Well….if it were anything else I’d say screw it, what’s the point? But writing is more than a hobby, even a career, it’s the air I breathe. Writing is life. Story is life and without it….well I’d probably fallen prey to all the screwed up crazies in my head already.

So this is me committing…this is my promise to myself and I will enter the competition one way or another and it will be grand—-and my manuscript will get a fix again because it deserves only my bets attention.



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