Guest Blogging-Freelance Writing

This follows my first article as a guest blogger on a fitness site writing as Ava Redman.

Article here Organic versus Non-organic

I’m currently at Uni studying communications, majoring in Journalism. All my classes though not currently focused on my chosen major still centralize around writing and social media because as I’m learning now they are interconnected more closely than I before imagined. It’s a really competitive world out there with publishing and in order to make my mark I will have to create a portfolio. This should not be new news for anyone venturing out in the blogging/journalism world. Journalism is currently undergoing a transformation since the old meaning is almost obsolete in the way we perceive and receive information.

It’s ironic then that my advice came from a printed form that doesn’t carry the same weight it used to for the moving tribe.



I bought the writer’s digest magazine which comes out yearly with a list of agents and heaps of advice, I like the old-school print form even though I follow much of the same advice online. But a good article in the magazine gave some wicked advice that I should have followed ages ago.

Use your contacts-scour through your network and call on old, new and retired acquaintances. Connect and that’s how you move forward. Compose a list of people you think might benefit your writing prospects and offer them something they’d be hard-pressed to say no to.

I contacted Rachael Muldoon Pro-ANB Fitness model who I knew back in the day when I was a fitness model and she works in the fitness industry with a major following. She also runs a blog and so that was my in as a freelancer needing to expand on my portfolio.




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