Dark Matters-White Rabbit

How art can influence your writing…

I waited for the White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney to open its doors with baited breath. I stepped through a space, large and white designed for art, designed for the conduct of thought. The gallery is a machination of materials, concrete smooth, bricks coarse, wood scored and the exhibition fits perfectly in with a space designed to worship space.

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It spans over all four levels and the lighting is used to great affect to transform and highlight the works portrayed.

You’re taking a journey through the infinite uses of black. Before this exhibition I feel I took black and its many possibilities for granted. Spanning from how the Ancient Chinese used to use smoky black ink and explored its possibilities through their art and landscapes. This exhibition explores the many uses of black in modern society.

How does this tie into my writing? 

Silence in a great expanse can help stimulate the mind. The large works give a perspective of feeling infinitesimal in comparison and oh to worship them feels like no matter what I say I will be doing them an injustice. But I explore these spaces to draw away from my writing desk, my writing hub and to give myself a feeling, that feeling that inspires. Later on when I sit in front of my laptop I will be drawing on this magnitude of perspective and use it to generate my work. I want to come back to this post and share the work I did in response to this.





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