My sordid affair…Ode to my coffee

I know I shouldn’t wait for you. I shouldn’t be here again and again but I keep coming back to you. You have exactly what I need. You have exactly what I crave and I don’t know how I can turn away.

You were not my first love, though he sits at home waiting for me because he loves you too in our sick little threesome sometimes I think he loves you more than I do.

But where he likes to suck you back hard and fast I like to take my time and enjoy you. I think if you could choose between us you’d choose me. I’d linger as I always have and worship your milky body and bitter chocolate notes and the way you smell when I just walk in the door, oh I makes my knees weak.

I used to have you two, three times a day when I didn’t have a care in the world and I was a child with a lollipop taking and never giving back. I found you were angry with me at midnight when I wanted to sleep and you would taunt me into the wee hours because of what I took from you and didn’t give back. I know I will write more letters and ode’s and prayers to you in the future but know that what we have is good and remember I am always your faithful servant, that is until English Breakfast comes along and swirls its milky bodice in my view and perhaps I am not faithful at all. Perhaps I am like you and the millions who you like, you pet, you play with and yet I cannot be angry when I crave you I am helpless and you are willing.


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  1. This was hilarious 😂

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    1. A. K. Cates says:

      thanks mariajostrand, send me your ode to your coffee

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      1. Well, actually I’m more of a cocoa kind of person 😊


      2. A. K. Cates says:

        you write to cocoa? Does that not make you sleepy?

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      3. I write to cider or juice actually – I just enjoy cocoa 😊

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      4. A. K. Cates says:

        mmm…you sound like a night time writer, I’m more daylight Lady Vampire


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