So…uni is about to begin…

Heaps of work is mounting up and not in a I-let-it-all-get-away-from-me kind of way but seriously there is a lot of reading required and media research to do before hand. Wow did I bite off a lot but the thrill of it…well, I am embracing the stress this time, letting it mold me.

Mmmm….I will try to post something, at least as a personal feat to beat the odds of well Me.

Currently reading or at least trying to

Personal interest books

Hush, hush by Becca Fitzpatrick 

I read her stand alone Black Ice and I’d always wanted to read this series though my library notoriously only houses series books without their first parts (what a pain!). I’m reading it online via my laptop, at least it’s not all work on that screen then. So far…I’m still reading but I guess I should read it when Fallen Angels were the rave, when it actually came out because I kinda feel like I know what’s coming because of having to wait so long to read it (my bad)

Author in Progress

You might have guessed it’s a book about writing but even though I have read a few of these (I should list my faves in this department). No author or wannabe author should stop reading these, so far I’m liking it though I’m three pages in.

Uni obligations (though so far they are interesting but F expensive) 

Looking at Movies 

Unit-Foundations in Media and Arts Productions



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