Re-awakening from rejection once more

So………it’s been seven months aye!

You tell me I haven’t been online ay!!

Think you know the real lazy me AY!!!

Well I’ll have you know that I have been doing stuff (she said with her arms folded and her brow high). I just well…well SO I HAVEN’T POSTED OKAY!!!! JEEZ LAY OFF and I’m paying for the domain name…fuck that…I had to post or else take down the fucking site!

For the most part I do not speak in these vile terms all the time just most of it.

Anyways…who got another rejection letter?


That would be me…fucktard (I bet that is hugely offensive to at least one person)

I don’t feel like mincing words today and offering anything kind. I got a very nice rejection letter but I am still rejected but my rejection letter is still way closer to success than getting fuck all instead.

I am ACTUALLY happy about my rejection letter from an agent but since I have a baby now and cannot swear and can only talk in baby voice I feel the need to vent my venomous mouth online and let the world know exactly how dirty my mind is.

Maximus you shall never read this or else your loving mother would fall from the pedestal you put her on.

Okay…okay thou shalt reveal rejection in its truest form

This is my letter okay email…


I should clarify that I moonlight as a fantasy YA writer under another name because I like to be sexy and mysterious and keep my Romance explicit writing separate to my Fantasy Young Adult persona. It’s like having two people reside in one body (there’s a dirty innuendo in there somewhere). I suppose it’s nice to be more than one person. I also moonlight as a crime-fighting superhero though my spandex outfit is permanently at the dry cleaners and so far the only crime I’ve fought is the dreaded litter-bug.

Perhaps I shouldn’t commit too soon to saying I’ll post again but maybe I could say I WILL BE BACK and hope it sticks (until fame and fortune have stolen me away of course)


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