Syzygy-The Three Pillars of Writing

Syzygy-is an astrological phenomenon where three celestial bodies align


If I were to pick three things in writing that are most pertinent to an end result I’d pick these three-Hook, Characters and Plot


Why? Let’s say you had all three in your story…then you’d be a lot further along then any other writers, why do I think these take president?

In reverse order-Your Plot-is your happenings. We don’t tell stories these days unless there is something happening. We don’t tell a story about a Cat who simply just lived, we say what the cat did and how they got through it when it got tough.

Plot is queue to story-it is the events that happen. If nothing is happening then nobody wants to hear about it. So the cat went shopping, well…something has to happen in order for us to want to read on. Plot is the something that gives a story body. Whilst the cat was shopping there was a fire and the cat climbed a tree to escape. Ok. Getting there. It’s a start. We still want to know what happens next and why we should care.

Characters-No matter what the plot is, the character has got to draw us in. You don’t have to like the main character, maybe you feel for him, maybe there’s empathy, maybe there’s the desire to see your character fail because he is a terrible person and completely undeserving. Without good in depth characters it becomes hard to want to care. If my character isn’t well researched and thought through then it’s going to be really unbelievable when there’s a sudden riddle half way through the story that’s in French and only then do we get that she’d fluent even though she’d never spent a day in her life in France.

Hook-is my favorite pillar-the best way to start-the best way to finish-the best way to keep on reading. It’s like glue for the right material and anyone can have a hook but if you get your reader in the first ten seconds then you’ve accomplished it. Hooks are easy once you get the hang of them and hard if you just can’t figure out what to do. Hooks and cliffhangers are there to sell books and to keep readers together and frustrated because frankly we read because we crave (nobody reads these days to look smart, it’s all about the book)


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