Call it Baby Block over Writer’s Block and the many excuses we use to avoid writing

Yes…yes…yes…YESSSSSSSS!!!!! I had my baby! What a polava! Anyway now that baby is here things have really changed a lot. I’m not saying I wasn’t prepared I’m just saying no matter how much preparation you do you always end up being caught by surprise.

He arrived on the 5th April, which is why I’ve been so absent from my blog and why everything has sort of gone on hold. But no worries…I knew to an extent this would
happen. Baby has his own schedule and I factored in at least two weeks where I would not be writing during the day or night.
So is it Writer’s Block if it’s an intentional holiday off work? Well, I’ve done some work in that time and let me tell you; having less time means daydreaming less and getting down to it. Forcing my hand-so to speak. Which means I’m essentially getting more work done in a shorter amount of time. Not that everyone can do it that way. It’s discipline and how much you want it. AND I REALLY WANT MY WRITING LIFE! I truly love what I do and now I can juggle a baby on one arm while I do it. I have done this-writing with one hand is slow but not impossible.

Juggling baby and writing-not impossible-SO WHAT I’M SAYING IS-YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE! I have a baby and I can do it.


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