41 wEeKS PrEGnAnt and still writing every day!

So…where to begin? This is one of those times that there is not much else to say except that it’s a waiting game between you and your baby…kind of like a Mexican stand-off only you’re both seeing whose going to crack first.

Well in the patience department I will say I have cracked but all the time spent waiting does make me want to catch up and take stock on whatever else is going on in my life.

As a writer I have not stopped writing, only I don’t drink tonnes of coffee to get that buzz. I suppose I could be like a recovering alcoholic who has to be sober while she works from now on. But really…if my lack of caffeine is all i have to complain about then I’m very lucky. Other mothers to be have had it worse and me and my baby (in utero) have bonded a lot in this time.

The waiting game-THINK OF IT LIKE SUBMITTING A MANUSCRIPT TO AN AGENT OR PUBLISHER and waiting 6-8 weeks before they respond. Naturally you’re inclined to check your emails the very next day hoping that they will have looked through it already and realized what a hidden treasure they’ve come upon. And being that I’ve submitted work int he past, yes I can say that is a way of looking at it. So I’ve also decided in the two weeks following baby’s birth I will be submitting work to agents and publishers. It’s kind of like getting work done only now you send it off and don;t have to write anything for a few days. I only wish there were a portal where all writers could send their work and every agent and publisher will get a chance to look at it at the same time. Otherwise all we’re doing submitting the same thing heaps of people requiring slightly different letterheads and wasting a whole lot of time-There’s a new website idea-the agents and publisher’s domain where we submit and they review and reject as needed.

What can I say? Pregnancy gives you that time to come up with super meaningful things.

The in between waiting Game is also a great time to look back on all those resolutions that were made at the beginning of the year and just top up where need be. Maybe I will enter a writing competition after all, maybe I’ll finish the last part of some manuscript etc etc etc.

But I’ll leave you with this one thing-Tonight I will be induced….and no I don’t know what to expect since this twat of a doctor booked it and walked off without so much as an explanation. It may be out of my power but consider it a deadline the publisher’s give you and whatever happens it shall be met. Fingers crossed.


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