Every writer is an island

Massive Rant Alert!

Writing and loneliness go hand in hand like peas and carrots. It’s often the stigma of a writer that he’s too alone to connect with the rest of the world. However today these stigmas can be redefined and every writer no longer has to isolate themselves at the expense of their social life. With the existence of social media it’s become that much more important to reach out to the rest of the world.

As a writer, I am an island but I’m still connected tot he rest of the world. Through Twitter, wordpress.com, facebook.com and google.com I don’t have to feel isolated. Sure I don’t talk to many writers in person until the annual Sydney Writer’s Festival but I definitely get to read up on how other writer struggle in their everyday troubles.

With the internet it’s become easier being that writer that isn’t completely closeted in her own world. My days consists of at least one social interaction in the coffee shop where I write with my favorite waitress or with the librarian at the local library though I can’t say they’re as polite.  7009904-myrtle-beach-sc.jpg

In an ideal world I could sit at my laptop all day and write to my heart’s content. 5 hours should do it before I realize i need to eat something or I won’t survive. Getting up every half hour or hour just to stretch my legs. Standing up is easier to generate the ideas. Then comes the crawling along the walls when I know that I need to get out stretch my legs or I’ll feel like I’ve spent all day pent up in one spot (which I have).



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  1. That first picture is so true – the internet is a godsend for not being isolated, but terrible for getting the writing done!


    1. A. K. Cates says:

      The world of writing is so lonely until you go on a book tour !)

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