Rejection is the highest form of flattery

Just thought I’d share the struggle of being a writer with the rest of the world. You submit manuscripts time and time again to Agents and Publishers hoping you’ll get your big break and it takes years before you receive any worthy response.

I sent off my manuscript to an agent in London weeks ago (So I had given up hope when they didn’t get back to me) only to receive my rejection a few days ago. Yes it was a rejection but it was not the run of the mill I was expecting. It was rejection in the You- almost-made-it margin——–It’s the world telling you you’re almost there.

Here I’ve copied in the email for every writer’s understanding not to give up hope-Keep dreaming!

Fullscreen capture 11022016 113437 AM
Now I’ve done my fair share of submissions numbering just about 20 submissions to various publishers and agents in total. This is a pitiful number compared to what other writers will submit and I do intend (as part of my NY resolution) to increase this number substantially. There is no success unless we try…I’ve met those writers who wait to be discovered without ever submitting any work-ARE YOU FOR REAL?! Living in a bubble of hope.

Why should you try? 

A little anecdote-Every night a man goes to sleep praying he will win the lottery and for years he does this with no success. Then when he dies he goes to heaven and asks God why he did not help him win the lottery and God replies, You should have bought a lottery ticket. Moral of the story? You can’t expect to succeed unless you try and put yourself out there.

I hope this post has been encouraging to other writers still waiting to get their break and if you have any questions please let me know. Ava.


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  1. plotless1 says:

    At least they replied.


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