My clichéd resolutions as a writer 2016

2015 was a good year for writing. I should really start out by OMG there’s no way I can beat what I did last year but I’m be lying through my teeth.

SO what did I do in 2015 and where has it brought me now?

Well I managed to publish a book that took me only four months to write! Yes that’s four months. It was more of a challenge to myself whether I could do it and the truth is that Book is 93,000 words so no one can say I skimped out on the word count. The Temp-my first romance/thriller published on Amazon through Kindle and Print on demand. And why would I publish a book on Amazon if I was so keen to be published by a traditional publishing house?

Well 2015 was also the year I became a ghost writer for giving my hard earned work to others for a measly cost which in turn churned out my best word counts in the day but for what? So that someone I’ve never met could take my work and sell it in their name? As the Australians say-What a wrought! But I was willing to do anything to get my name out there kinda like a work starved actor in Hollywood short of getting down on your knees (metaphoracly speaking). But it was a brave move and taught me a very valuable lesson-That I could produce over 10,000 words a day if I wasn’t worried so much about my name being linked to it. I’m talking quantity not quality but you have to admit that when it comes to the first draft that is essentially what you need. You can’t edit until you’ve written the lot!

So I created the pseudonym A. K. Cates and thought up a story that was far from the genres I’d done before. In December 2015 I published it just to get in time before the year was out and knowing I am pregnant I wanted to commit to publishing something before I gave birth-Goal accomplished!

I’m not saying every year I’ve been writing I’ve been this successful but I am saying that goal setting is hugely important and without it we’re just floating along wondering years later why you haven’t even finished one of your novels.

There’s a lot of other stuff I did in the writing world that year but the main thign I did was start my writing career online and there’s the ball that’s rolling now.

2016-I intend to keep that ball rolling for the rest of the year.

Harder, Stronger, Faster

Here is a short list I will commit to this year-

Will enter at least 2 writing competitions

Do the Sydney Writer’s Festival again

Finish my (AMANDA) Trilogy this year (fingers crossed)

Will publish another book in the Temp trilogy

Will publish a new story online

Will continue to send work to agents and publishers

Will commit to this blog and post at least once a week




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