2016 International Competition Calender for Writers of all types

Since it’s January and the start of a new year I’ve compiled a list of Prestigious Competitions for Writers of all Kinds including Fiction/Non-Fiction and Short Stories. It’s an international list including UK and Australia whom many of them accept international submissions.

1st February-Australia-Busybird’s-The Great Novella Search-Novella & Collection of short stories 20,000-40,000-Entry fee $25-Cash Prizes & publications

1st February-Open to all-Nelson Algren Short Story Award-Short story-Cash prizes

7th February-International-Writer’s and Artist’s Yearbook-Short Story 2,000 words or less-No entry fees-open to all-Cash prizes www.writersandartists.co.uk.

12th February-Australia-Joseph Ulrick Literature Prize-Short Story up to 3,000 words-Entry Fee $35, Large cash prizes

14th February-Open to all-Bath Flash Fiction Award-300 words-Entry Fee 9 pounds sterling-Cash prizes

19th February- Laura Literary Awards-Open to all-Short Story-Entries vary-Prizes vary-http://www.laurafolkfair.com.au/

22nd February-Open to all-Felix Dennis Creative Writing Competition-Short Story/Poem-No Entry Fees-Cash prizes

28th February-Open to anyone-Flash Fiction-Short Story-300 words-Entry fee 14 euros-cash prizes

1st March-Binghamton University Book Awards-Cash prizes

4th March-Open to all-Text prize-Publishing Award-Novel

14th March-Open to all women-Mslexia Women’s Short Story Competition-Short Story-2,200 words-Entry Fee $10 for two-Cash prizes

14th March-Open to all-Nelligan Prize-Short Fiction-Entry Fee $15-Cash Prizes

15th March-Open to all-Alcon Fanfiction-Creative Writing-8 pages-No Entry Fee

31st March-Open to all-Nairda Lyne Award-Short Story-1,000 words-Entry fee $5-Cash prizes

31st March-Open to all-F(r)iction Winter Literary Competition-Short Story-Flash Fiction-Poetry-Entry Fee $15-Cash prizes

1st April-Open to all-Colm Toibin International Short Story Competition-Short Story-2,000 words-Entry Fee 10 euros-Cash prizes

1st April-L.Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future-Short Stories/novelettes-17,000 words Cash prizes

10th April-Bath Novel Award-Entry Fee 22 pounds sterling per novel-Cash prizes

11th April-Open to all-ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize-Entry Fee $15 aus

25th April-Bath Short Story Award-Short Story-2,200 words-Entry Fee $8-Cash Prizes

30th April-Open to all-Bristol Short Story Prize-Short Story-4,000 words-Entry Fee $8-Cash Prizes

31st May-Open to all-Bridport Prize-Poems/Short stories/Flash fiction-Entry Fee $8-Cash prizes

6th May-Open to all-Writer’s Digest Annual-All forms of Fiction and Non-fiction accepted-Entry Fees-$15 poetry-Manuscript $25

13th May-Australia & New Zealand authors-Griffith review-Novella-35,000 words-Entry Fee $50-Large cash prizes

31st May-Open to all-Black Orchid Novella Award-15,000-20,000 words-No Entry Fees-Cash prizes

1st June-Open to all-Tony Hillerman Prize-Mystery Novel-Large Cash Prizes

30th June-Open to Australian Women-Joyce Parkes Women’s Writers-Prose-2,000 words-Entry Fee $10-Cash prize

30th June-Open to all-Drue Heinz Literature Prize-Collection of Short Fiction/Novellas-300 typed pages

17th July-Open to all-HG Wells Short Story Competition-Short Story-5,000 words-10 pounds sterling-Cash prizes

23rd September-Open to all-Manchester Writing Competition-Poetry-Short Story-2,500 words-Entry Fee 17.50 pounds sterling-Large Cash prize

1st August-Open to under 35’s-Young Lion Fiction Award-Novel/Short Story

15th August-St. Francis College Literary Prize-Open to authors-novel

15th August-Ernest J. Gaines Award-African American fiction writers-Large Cash prize

30th September-Open to writer’s of colour-Novel-Cash prizes

31st October-Published American authors of that year-Pen/Faulkner Award for Fiction- Large Cash prize

15th November-Brooklyn Non-Fiction Prize-Essay-2,500 words-Cash prizes

30th November-Open to all-International Aeon Award-Short Fiction-10,000 words-Entry fee 7.50 euros-Cash prizes

31st December-Contributors to understanding of racism fiction-Anisfield Wolf Book Awards-Large Cash prize


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