You can’t talk about sex but you can definitely write about it

Warning! Huge Rant Alert!

So it’s considered poopoo to whip out all your sex stories at a dinner party regardless of how much wine you’ve had. It’s not something you’re supposed to say in mixed company (or ever depending on who you are).So why can we write about SEX?  Fiction. Fiction. Fiction.

Because it’s not real and no one can hold you to it. It can be put down to your imagination or whatever qualifies to making a scene happen but its especially hiding on a page. It ingenious! (Even if it’s based on real events) You can get away with so much in fiction that you couldn’t in real life.

It’s not just sex that you can write about nowadays-S&M, Rape, mental illness, political, religious extremism and a whole list of other things that have opened up people’s worlds. I’m not saying we should go out there and practice everything we read but the reason people read is to experience things they normally wouldn’t.

You don’t pick up a book about someone who went to work and then went home and then went to bed. Is that your life? Well people don’t want to read their own stories, they want to read something that couldn’t possibly have happened to themselves or something they could imagine they might have done if what-could-have-been? scenarios.

Back a few hundred years ago it was a totally different story.

Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray-caused huge outrage because of the way it put light on debauchery and humanity’s most inner desires and depravities. The man was later sentenced to jail for his homosexuality where he would die at the age of forty six but should define how we read all books?

Freedom of speech is still a concept foreign to many countries around the world. Freedom of words is what is feared because it is learning something you have not been taught. Should we be protected from things others think are dangerous? Should we not be trusted to find our own ways?

Perhaps I’m the idealist…


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  1. plotless1 says:

    You touched on it a bit, yes, I think changes what is taboo (for better or worse), but don’t you find that more and more couples are starting to express and play out their bedroom fantasies…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A. K. Cates says:

      with others? Well 21st century marriage is taking on a new meaning but I’m more talking of social conventions than open marriages


  2. plotless1 says:

    Yes with others, I don’t think talking about sex is as hushed as it used to be.


    1. A. K. Cates says:

      It depends in different circles I guess, But I know many people where it is still considered a non-topic

      Liked by 1 person

      1. plotless1 says:

        Yes, all depends on the circles/culture…


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