I hate you edit bitch…

writing1 Warning! Huge Rant Alert!

Now Editing is A REAL CAN OF WORMS-

Here are some of the Do’s and Don’t’s I find have been my safety net when editing and honestly it can’t be a real biatch…

Don’t- ever edit straightaway when you haven’t even finished writing your scene. There’s  no point editing without quantity.

Do- Edit once you’re written you’re work in full. Trust me once you start editing it’s hard ot stop and if you do it from the get go you’ll end up with a really empty page.

Do- outsource-Combine between editing your own work and when you feel like it’s still missing that je ne sais quoi then you find someone who’s qualified to help you. Some people can edit, others can’t. Don’t be afraid to admit when you need help. Choose someone who specializes in your field of fiction, not just anyone and try not to pick friends or family unless they’re brutally honest and good at criticizing.

You can find editors all over the web but make sure you check out their portfolio first.

Don’t-assume editing is merely grammar and punctuation. Editing is restructuring plot, time lapsing, tension levels, does it read well?, flow, cutting out pointless scenes etc.

Editing in itself means a lot of things but grammar is often the least important until the very end. And spelling…well frankly that’s what auto correct is for.

Do-Redraft and edit you work more than three times, in fact don’t be surprised if you’ve gone passed your tenth edit. J. K. Rowling has been known to edit her work way into her thirteenth draft

Don’t-this is a personal lesson I learnt. When editing, it requires different muscles of the brain then when simply writing and you’ll find that you cannot continue to pump out the same word count because you can’t multitask that much. If you Edit you can’t write. If you write you can’t Edit. Pick one and go with it. You can always return to the other one later.

I hope this was useful…please contact me if you’re a budding writer and you need more advice. I am brutal with writing truths and I don’t fluff around prissy writing-I tell it like it is.


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