Warning! Huge Rant Alert!

So to anyone who doesn’t know me (who really does?) I am pregnant. With a baby human child although I feel like Sigourney Weaver in Alien, OMG does my belly go out!

So 7 months pregnant (if you’re going by the ten month preg thing) or 28 weeks if you follow the other system. Thanks for the confusion! For the longest time I thought my baby was due a month early which would have put him BANG on 29th February cus it’s a leap year. How awesome would a leap year baby have been?

Anyway-getting back to topic. I’m sure most have heard of the pregnancy brain. What is pregnancy brain? You say…

It’s when you’re body is multitasking the baby’s needs over your own and DAMN you lose out. The baby comes first in your body, then everything else including how mentally sharp you feel or things you remember-So basically and sorry to all the Blondes-it’s like being a dumb blonde for 9 months.

Now writing with Pregnancy Brain-

It makes you say things like-

“Oh my god, did I already write that scene?”

“But in my head it seemed so much cooler”

“Thank god for autocorrect cus I can’t remember how to spell bannnana or termoile”

“Yes, I wrote five thousand words today or was that yesterday?”

Plus…Worst of all…Wait for it….I CAN’T HAVE TOO MUCH CAFFEINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s my co-dependent relationship between coffee and me. I haven’t had a coffee since I found out I was preggers, because I’m afraid I’ll love it too much and have three cups more and hurt baby! When it comes to my addiction, it’s better to be safe than sorry so I have green tea which has less caffeine but because it tastes like ASS(or ARSE if you’re English) I never worry about getting addicted to the stuff.

Rant Over…


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  1. realshady007 says:

    o wow…..smooches….I’m blushing!!!!!


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