James Patterson admits to being a shitty writer


True Story-I wish I had videotaped it.

So I often work for the Sydney Writer’s Festival as a volunteer and as of recent a supervisor, totes one of the best ways to connect with other writers!

Now I often do the Children’s writing events and Young Adult-what can I say? I’m still in my twenties and this is my inner child talking.

So James Patterson comes to Parramatta Theatre (Sydney) for a one off School Book Tour Day in 2015, he doesn’t just write Adult books, he also writes children’s and YA (though writing might be a bit of a stretch) He does use many writers to do his work for him-so he’s really a brand name worth millions might I add.

He also mentioned he had a TV series coming out soon based on one of his books though he couldn’t reveal the name of it just yet. (Turned out to be Zoo, which ended up being a FLOP)

So anyway he talks to the kids about his books series-(honestly I wasn’t keeping track) and then it comes down to Q & A for the kids. They all line up to ask their questions ranging from the blunt obvious to the creative and because his series is about teens with superpowers-

One kid asks, “If you had a power, what would it be?”

James Patterson automatically replies, “I wish I actually could write,” then he laughs it off because he’s not supposed to say that in front of anyone and answers with a casual power answer.


Well, maybe he thought he was in a safe environment because he was sitting in front of a few hundred kids who don’t know he uses ghost-writers on a regular basis but in the crowd is me thinking well jeez…confessional much? He wouldn’t notice that someone was actually listening-he’s a bit on the dull side and frankly he and his publicist were a little rude at the Book Signing.

Book Signings are great for writers because it’s a chance to meet your fans and they can ask you questions and they feel involved. Not Patterson-sure he sells books in the millions but to be at a children’s festival and act like he doesn’t like kids? Really…bread and butter. It was pretty much, one book per person, no double queuing, no chit chat and no notebooks and he would only be there for a short period of time.

It’s sad to know that a writer  that many readers (women especially) love and they don’t even know that it’s not his own work. I’m sure some do but others would never even imagine he used someone else to write it. Is it justifiable? Ethical? And unfair to writers who do publish their own work?…

Rant Over.


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  1. Oh man, this was not nice of him at all. I know of Patterson’s writing-by-committee process, but thought he was a nice person at least.


    1. A. K. Cates says:

      He turned up grumpy and a little bit too much above-it-all attitude. I notice that more with older writers-they tend to hate their fans sometimes-these were kids though

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Anyone who is grumpy to kids, that too at a public event, loses my respect, pronto!

        Liked by 1 person

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