So what does a crazed writer do all day long? (besides procrastination)


Write. Write. Write. You bitch.


So to begin with in the morning I get up-well duh! Breakfast multitask and think about writing. (Tricky stuff) Then I beat around the bush about what to write…oh this could take a whilesplatter.

Head off to the local coffee shop and sit there for over two hours nursing one caffeinated drink I bought (I mean really! Talk about stretching that dollar).

Head off to the local library where I say I borrow books but everyone knows you go there for the DVD’s (TV slut).

Don’t forget the part where you pretend to ink-04be too good and almighty to be on social media even though it’s on your browser half the time.

So the world thinks you’re a genius for quitting your job and focusing on what you really want to do in life…They watch you believing that you are pumping out some really awesome material even though you’re really on

Truth be told

Good days-Had a caffeine hit (two shots of coffee in one, don’t judge!)  Work flows like the rivers of Xion bitches! I’ve been known to pump out up to 10,000 words in one day-back when I was a ghost-writer.

Medium days-Caffeine can’t touch this! –spend half the day doling about what to write and then only pump it out in the last few hours of the day. Work output can still be over 2,000 words but I feel dirty afterwards…pun intended

Bad days-No caffeine or pathetic caffeine or shoot me now!!!!!

It’s really one of those days that if I don’t wise up that it’s not going to happen then hell it’s going to be a looong day. I call this my research day so I go out and collect research or surf the net till I know what I’m writing about.

Making everyday count (only prima donnas regurgitate live-life-to-the-full slogans).

The Temp


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